MANBOU Microscopic Analysis for Nano materials science & Bio science Open Unit



Messages from the Director

The Director
Tamaki Shibayama

In order to promote a sharing use system of electron microscopes in our university, we organize a sharing use network based on the eight department which managing the electron microscopes with “High Voltage Electron Microscope Laboratory” as the core for the first year. Our aim is to increase efficient operation of electron microscopes and to extend this network for horizontal expansion covering the whole university in the future. In this project, we are also planning to organize the electron microscope specimen preparation equipment and establishing a sharing use system that bridges various research and electron microscopes through this sharing use network. As a result of these activities, we can organize an electron microscope research division that can respond requests quickly from all of scientific fields. In addition by establishing a sharing use system of not only general electron microscopes but also the only quantum-beam high voltage electron microscope in the world and photoelectron microscope, the number of electron microscope users in and out of our university may increase. Moreover, we would like to support research improvement and education on microscopic analysis of nano materials science and bioscience.

Characteristics of MANBOU

In order to make it convenient for users, after electron microscopes registered with the open facility as a sharing use system, all of them will be searched and booked by using the web site managed by GFC. About using electron microscopes applied to a wide range of research fields from materials science to life science, we would like to hold the workshop on sample preparation and user meetings to improve their convenience, and give opportunities for interdisciplinary research. We are expecting increments of the number of users by improving convenience to establish sample preparation service for academia-industrial cooperation users and beginners of electron microscopy for the first time.

appeal point

It is a unit that can respond flexibly to various requests related to the use of electron microscopes in a wide range of research fields.
We have experience in academia-industrial cooperation and international collaborative research through in-situ observation under ion irradiation and laser irradiation or various environments that can only be done with our high voltage electron microscope.

Future efforts

In our university, many electron microscopes are used for observation and analysis of microstructure in a wide range of research fields from materials science to life science. Among them, the high voltage electron microscope not only has high resolution to observe atoms directly but also allows observation of thick samples, enabling stereoscopic observation in nanoscale. Also, since it is a rare equipment in the world connecting laser irradiation equipment and ion accelerator, it is widely open to researchers both domestic and abroad with various electron microscopes. We would like to try increase the convenience for researchers and contribute to develop the state of the art researches and unprecedented researches.