MASAOU Material Analysis and Structure Analysis Open Unit



Messages from the Director

The Director
Naoyuki Hashimoto

We are good at characterizing inorganic materials such as metals and ceramics. Please consult with the coordinator first.

Characteristics of MASAOU

Material Analysis and Structure Analysis Open Unit (MASAOU) consists of three Joint-use facilities in the Faculty of Engineering (Laboratory of Nano-Micro Material Analysis, The High Brilliance X-ray Laboratory, Laboratory of XPS analysis) and Research Institute for Electronic Science. We offer broad and comprehensive support to material researchers.

Appeal point

MASAOU has many analytical/observation equipment (AFM, SEM, TEM, XRD, Raman, IR, XPS etc.) as well as sample preparation method (CP, Ion Slicer, Micro Pick-up system for FIB specimen etc.).

Future efforts

  • On the basis of technical consultation, we promote the wide-use of a shared equipment together with the other departments.
  • We provide the education system of human resources through seminars and meetings with the analytical equipment companies.