OHOU One Health Open Unit

One Healthに貢献するオープンファシリティユニット


Messages from the Director

The Director
Motohiro Horiuchi

In this OHOU (One Health Open Unit), we aim to realize the global health of human beings, animals and the environment, namely “One Health”, and provide instruments for researches covering molecular biological analysis of animals and pathogens, histological analysis of organs, research using whole animals, and analyses of biological dynamics of physiological chemicals, xenobiotics and pharmaceuticals. “One Health” unit also handles a wide range of research on environmental science and field epidemiological study. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Central Institute of Isotope Science collaboratively manage OHOU and provide international platform for your research.

Characteristics of OHOU

One Health Platform provides the following instruments; Next Generation Sequencer, Fluorescence Scanner, Multiplex Assay Device, Flow Cytometer, Cell Sorter, Surface Plasmon Resonance Measurement Device (Biacore system) for analyses of DNA and protein molecules, and their interaction. We also provide Confocal Laser Microscope, All-in-One Fluorescence Microscope, Transmission Electron Microscope, Scanning Electron Microscope for analyses of organ/tissue samples. This platform also supports chemical analyses using Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometry(MS), Liquid Chromatography / MS, Gas Chromatography (GC)-MS, GC- Electron Capture Detector and MS Imaging System.

Appeal Point

Toward the realization of “One Health”, we accept overseas researchers and offer short-term international training programs using the above-mentioned laboratory equipment. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Central Institute of Isotope Science aim to establish the first international open platform in this field, using our achievements to the fullest.

Future efforts

To cultivate human resources with an international perspective as well as improving the skills, we will develop an education and research support program in English. We will construct a new common laboratory equipment and aim to provide a stable open facility unit.