PSOU Pharma Science Open Unit



Messages from the Director

The Director
Katsumi Maenaka

Pharma Science Open facility Unit (PSOU) organizes a total set of biological, chemical and physical instruments to perform the seamless research from drug target search to preclinical studies for pursuit of academic drug discovery in Hokkaido University. These instruments are also used for basic life science research as well as industrial and medical application. You are always very much welcome to our PSOU system!

Common facility system of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hokkaido University

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hokkaido University, has the policy to develop advanced drug discovery and life science research as one of leading Japanese Pharmaceutical Sciences bases. Based on this policy, our original common facility system was established and has been maintained and improved for long period. In 2011, our faculty started the Center for Research and Education on Drug Discovery (CRED) to set up the laboratory rooms for medicinal chemistry, chemical library screening and biology, which are open to users, as well as the instruments necessary for drug discovery.

Characteristics of PSOU

For drug discovery research, total sets of biology, organic chemistry, physicochemistry and analytical science is necessary. PSOU combined the local open facility system with newly developed that of CRED to widely collaborate researches. We also provide educational programs and instruction of advanced facilities related to drug discovery to users, and perform advanced drug discovery and life science research.

Future efforts

PSOU merged different types of mass spectroscopy facilities, which enables PSOU specialist staff to organize efficiently and to provide better services for fast and solid analysis related to drug discovery. The magnet of NMR facility was recycled to APPOU for other physicochemical research there. Instead, our faculty now actively uses open facility NMR system in the University if necessary.