1. 北大オープンファシリティを中心とした学内研究基盤の整備
  2. 学内組織改革による共用機器の効率的運用と最先端機器の戦略的配置
  3. 北海道大学で培った機器共同利用の知見・ノウハウの北海道全体への拡大
  4. 共用機器利用における強力なコーディネート機能とそのワンストップサービス化


Open Facility Platform

Hokkaido University has promoted the utilization and dissemination of the “Open Facility,” which is an open joint use system to promote sharing of advanced equipment and facilities.
The system has grown to be used approximately 33,000 times a year (FY 2017) and has gained nationwide recognition as an advanced equipment sharing facility.

As part of efforts to facilitate research and enhance the research capacity of Hokkaido University, the Program for Promoting the Enhancement of the Research University aims to further promote the application of shared equipment to leading-edge equipment industries and industry-university joint research through extensive use of such equipment.

The Open Facility Platform continues to promote its activities with the following basic concepts:

  1. Improvement of on-campus research bases centering around the Hokkaido University Open Facility
  2. Efficient use of shared equipment and strategic placement of state-of-the art equipment through organizational reforms in the university
  3. Dissemination and knowledge and know-how concerning shared use of equipment cultivated in Hokkaido University throughout Hokkaido
  4. Strong coordination function concerning shared use of equipment and provision of one-stop service covering such function